By Jayne Seagrave

With over 35 million women over the age of 40 now living alone in North America this new guidebook by best-selling author and entrepreneur Jayne Seagrave could not be more timely or appropriate. Written in a practical and highly entertaining, between-you-and-me chatty styleTimeToTakeFlight_cvr_cat, this savvy gal provides a unique refreshing guide for mature women all over the globe who want to travel solo but are apprehensive doing so.

Based on first-hand experience, Seagrave, who is best known for her sensible, no-nonsense camping guides, has compiled easy-to-understand information and sound advice for women in mid-life who are eager but apprehensive to take a solo adventure. “Travel doesn’t have to be scary or difficult for the mature single woman” says Seagrave, writing in her distinctively humorous and entertaining style, “Confidence and planning are the real keys”.

Like a worldly, well-informed best friend, Seagrave first lays out the benefits of solo travel and refutes all the excuses that can be leveled against it. She shares anecdotes and tips for researching trips, advice for booking transportation and accommodation, and packing checklists. She also discusses subjects avoided by most travel guides such as locating clean washrooms, eating alone as a single woman and (with a Ph.D in Criminology), crime and safety.

For women unsure of a travel destination, Seagrave personally recommends eleven urban locales across North America, such as San Francisco, Montreal, and Santa Fe, and twelve cities throughout Europe, including Barcelona, Budapest, and Dubrovnik. For each city she provides a profile of what to do upon arrival (how best to get safely from the airport to your hotel), the best neighborhood in which to book your accommodation (and which areas to avoid), the best activities for your stay (and which ones are overrated), and additional tidbits of information she’s learned along the way, all in her signature unique, chatty “between-you-and-me” girlfriend tone.

This book is unapologetically for women between the ages of forty and sixty-five. Seagrave offers her readers encouragement, advice and support so they can fulfil their wanderlust while staying safe and comfortable. Her aim and unique selling point is not to replicate the information available in existing guidebooks, but rather to supplement it with advice that is customized for, and addresses the concerns of, the solo mature female traveler – a demographic which to date has not been addressed. Therefore the book is a resource that goes hand-in-hand with the comprehensive site-specific guides widely available.

For the 35 million savvy North American woman looking to travel safely, comfortably, and on their own, Time to Take Flight is the ultimate guide.

Published by TouchWood Editions: http://www.touchwoodeditions.com

Available 12th April 2016

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