Single Statistics on Taking Flight

The number of single women over the age of 35 now totals over 28 million in the USA. Over a third of women over the age of fifty are living by themselves in the UK. There has been a 230% increasein the number of women-only travel companies in the last six years. In 2015 a… Continue reading Single Statistics on Taking Flight


Happy Valentines Day..?

Last night I was working in Vancouver Public Library – as I left this image was displayed outside. This is the weekend we are told sentiments of affection need to be conveyed, most frequently in the written format. Here’s hoping the words of love you convey this weekend fit the picture.

library image

Camping in The Yukon…don’t knock it until you try it

“So is it your first time The Yukon?” the sparky hotel receptionist with the false eyelashes and the purple glittery bra straps said. I cast my eyes down and completed the registration card, glad of the distraction so not to stare at her attire. No, I replied, it’s our third. At this information she dropped… Continue reading Camping in The Yukon…don’t knock it until you try it


The Alternative Travel Writer

When asked to define the perfect job many sight that of travel writer. What could be better than being paid to stay at the latest designer hotels, check out gourmet restaurants, partake in lengthy spa treatments, review new museums and travel to foreign countries all fully paid for by someone else? Add to this the… Continue reading The Alternative Travel Writer