Single Statistics on Taking Flight

The number of single women over the age of 35 now totals over 28 million in the USA. Over a third of women over the age of fifty are living by themselves in the UK. There has been a 230% increasein the number of women-only travel companies in the last six years. In 2015 a TripAdvisor survey of over 9,000 women in seven countries found 74% of women questioned planned to travel solo in 2015, an increase from 41% who had previous experience of travelling alone.

The 2015 Visa Global Travel Intentions Study showed 24% of respondednts traveled alone overseas on their most recent vacation, an increase from 15% in 2013. The study also found that among affluent travelers, solo travels has more than doubled.

While many may think these solo travellers are not in a relationship, this is often not the case. The research also shows that of the Americans that did travel solo, 53% were married. Many people travel solo as their partners can not get away due to work or family commitments, or find partners to have vastly different interests to their own and are looking for locations in which to sejourne which they can enjoy alone. With statistics like these taking a solo flight may become the norm.


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