The hardest part…

So is the hardest part in being a writer deciding on the subject of your work that will be entertaining and appealing to the masses, or is it the task of actually starting to write your book? Is the hardest part the thankless task of approaching publishers and awaiting their rejections, considerations and eventual acceptance, or is it doing the research, the writing, the editing and re-editing? Is the greatest challenge the art of just trying to keep yourself motivated or is it dealing with all those questions from well meaning individuals and friends who want to know if its done yet and if not why not and if it is complete then why on earth is it not available in Chapters or Waterstones or Barnes and Noble? Is the hardest part finding the right cover and negotiating this decision with the people who will be responsible for marketing, or is it finding the spelling mistake on the second page once the completed printed book arrives in your hand? No, all these aspects are not hard, they are challenges and problems but they can to a great extent be controlled and influenced by the writer. The hardest part is the publicity and promotion which knows no end and for which there is no fail safe script. The hardest part for me starts today with the knowledge that 5,000 copies of Time to Take Flight are now available for purchase. The hardest part is persuading people to buy and read and like the work you have laboured over.


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