Tax deductable shoes

So a few days ago my Publicist arranged an appearance on Breakfast TV in Vancouver to promote Time To Take Flight. I was to be sitting on a sofa chatting informally with the host at 8.10am on a Monday morning. I needed to be present 45 minutes before the five minute taping to apply make-up, redo my hair and afix the microphone to my bra. I thought this 45 minute period very optimistic – surely more time was needed. Had they not read the small print in my bio? – I am 54 and these things take time. The day before when discussing this arrangement with a girlfriend she insightfully reminded me all that really matters is a great pair of shoes, especially as these also adorn the cover of the book. No one would be interested in the rest of me, or indeed what was coming out of my mouth as long as the shoes were red and ‘to die for’. Serious shopping was therefore required.Sometimes being a writer is really, really hard.

Voila! New red shoes purchased and a legitimate tax deductable expense…Of course to off-set the price of these through book royalties I need to sell over 80 books. Any ambitions of doing the same tax deductable accounting for expensive salon hair cuts, skin creams, manicures, new clothes and botox are currently just fantasies. (My accountant is not optimistic). Since this five minute TV appearance the only people calling are radio shows. Hopefully the shoes (and I) will make TV again soon.



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