The Author’s Role in Book Design

I am about to submit almost 50,000 words to my publisher for my lastest work: All The World’s a Stage: The Story of Bard on the Beach. Bard is a very successful Shakespeare festival which has taken place in Vancouver in the summer for the last twenty seven years ( While I am tasked with writing the text others within the publishing enterprise are responsible for the books design, and most importantly, what will be on the cover.

When I first started working with Heritage House Publishing I was informed one of the most annoying things about authors is they always demanded input into what would appear on the cover of their latest work. Apparently those who may be adept at writing the words are not skilled at selecting a photograph or cover image. Consequently I have chosen to take a ‘back seat’ when book covers are discussed and it has only really been with my latest work: Time to Take Flight did the book designers consult me. The final decision was theirs. The first book I wrote: Introduction To Policing in Canada had a man hole grate on the cover, but as this was an academic text which students were made to buy they could have put a mouldy cabbage on the front, it would not have mattered.

After having spent the best part of a year researching and writing The Bard Story at this junction I am delighted someone else will be responsible for page layout and design. My only hope is that the image they select will be one that attracts readers and therefore sales.

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