Friends, publishers and family (unless they are teenage boys) are great supporters to the writer they are personally acquainted with, others unknown to the author are not as kind.

Last week I read an Amazon on-line review from one women who did not like reference I had made in Time To Take Flight to maiden aunts dying when you decide to take a trip and leave them unattended. I think she was a maiden aunt. While my first response was to wonder if she was correct and my wonderful editor and I had been at fault not to be symapthetic to all maiden aunts across the globe, upon reflection I decided to just cancel her opinions from my mind. But it is not easy to do. And then today I received an invite to attend the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Conference followed by a very positive review in the Manhatten Book Review:

While two ‘positives’ do not cancel out the ‘negative’ they certainly help. I read once that many established authors do not read reviews because of the personal toll they can inflict. In writing a new book and after dedicating so much time to it I would find this impossible to do. So now its time to learn to take the rough with the smooth. Yet again another aspect of being a writer few comment upon.

the story begins


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